Readme for Autodesk InfraWorks 360


This readme contains the latest information regarding known issues that may affect your design efforts. It is strongly recommended that you read this entire document before installing.

Prepare for Installation

  • Most video display issues occur due to outdated video drivers. Visit the website of your graphics card manufacturer to ensure that you have the most recent video drivers for your graphics card and to download any updates before installing this product.
  • Administrative privileges are required to install and uninstall this program.
  • It is highly recommended that you save your work and close all open applications before installing this release. The installation may restart your machine without warning.

Known Issues

February 2016 Release

NOTE:These are the known issues as of January 11th, 2016. For the most current list of known issues, visit

Viewing Models in a Browser

  • Panorama views are not supported in Internet Explorer 11. Internet Explorer 11 only partially supports CSS3 3D Transforms.

Point Cloud Processing

  • The Point Cloud Processing (preview service) ignores region or clipping settings from processed .rcp files. For any .rcp files that have region or clipping settings applied, It is recommended to open the file(s) in Autodesk ReCap and export any clipped .rcp data to a new unified .rcs or .rcp file(s) before importing the point cloud data into InfraWorks 360 for terrain generation.

Drainage Design

  • Inlet & Manhole names are read-only values in their respective asset cards. Use the Properties Palette to modify the names of Inlets or Manholes.

Design Group roles and permissions

  • As a user with Reader permissions, you may receive an "Unable to open the model" error message after opening a shared model that has been upgraded by your design group Administrator. Dismiss the notification and click on the model tile again to open the model.

Roadway Design

  • Corridor Optimization does not support terrain imported in .jp2, .mrsid, or .ecw file formats.
  • When a user opens the Corridor Optimization panel and adds a path or multiple paths for optimization, the Corridor Optimization panel will disable the ability to select other objects in the model. To resolve this, select "None" in the Path field, or close the Corridor Optimization panel.
  • Tunnels are not supported when you import an optimized component road using the Result column in the Job Monitor.

Cloud Model Cache

  • If you delete the folder that is specified as the cloud model cache under Application Options General, you will be unable to open existing cloud models that are also locally-cached from InfraWorks 360 Home until you close and re-open the application.
  • If your model cache location does not exist or is inaccurate, you will be unable to publish a model to the cloud for the first time. Open Application Options General , verify that the cloud model cache location is where you want it, and click OK. You will now be able to publish the model.