Autodesk® PowerInspect 2017 Service Pack 6 Fixes

March 2017

Build: CR

PowerInspect 2017 Service Pack 6 Fixes Readme
Autodesk, Inc.

In a continuing effort to provide high quality products, this update introduces new fixes or addresses issues pertaining to the release. This readme contains information about the fixes contained in this update.

Service Pack 6 Fixes apply to the Autodesk PowerInspect 2017 release (version: CR).

  • Crash when clicking on the "Report Tab".
  • Play with Resume overwrites existing probed single point data.
  • Crash deleting group when inside it in another window.
  • Probe contact points in wrong place for probed single points.
  • Dimensioning for distance between two planes swaps maximum and minimum distances.
  • Acquired point cloud does not always project.
  • Section Raster misses points on concave surfaces.
  • PI Premium doesn't warn user if Post Processor is not installed.
  • Raster Section on coplanar surfaces missed points.
  • Crash on creating probed 2D items from point cloud if reference plane is not set.
  • CAD View Report item does not update when number of decimal places is changed.
  • Crash on generating probe path for sections.
  • Crash when trying to calculate the distance between a point and a plane.
  • CAD Object Visibility dialog does not update CAD view.
  • Picked GD&T Tolerances do not associate entities with datums.
  • Wireframe checker: not possible to pick hidden wireframe features.
  • Scanning does not pause when changing Point Cloud Point parameters.
  • Insert Cursor disappears on inserting an alignment between items.
  • Added ClayMilling to Component installer.
  • MetrisHHD: Update SDK to 3.7 and add tactile scanning.

    We thank all of our customers who identified these issues and reported them to Autodesk. These reports give us the opportunity to improve the product and provide you with the best solutions for Metrology. Autodesk also thanks you for your continued support and feedback regarding the content of this update release.


    Autodesk PowerInspect Product Team