Autodesk Vehicle Tracking 2018 Update 1 Readme
Autodesk® Vehicle Tracking 2018 Update 1 Readme

Thank you for using Autodesk® Vehicle Tracking 2018 Update 1.

This readme contains important information about Autodesk® Vehicle Tracking 2018 Update 1 that may not be included in the Help. For reference, save or print this document. It is strongly recommended that you read this entire document before you install.

File Format Change

Vehicle Tracking Update 1 changes the File Format of the drawings. If you have previous versions of Vehicle Tracking or Hotfix 1, you need to upgrade to edit Vehicle Tracking objects and Civil 3D Roundabouts. If you do not have the upgrade, the newer format Vehicle Tracking commands will be disabled and the Vehicle Tracking entities will be proxy objects.

AutoCAD Map 2018 Hotfix 1

AutoCAD Map 2018 Hotfix 1 should be installed to avoid the issue of grip editing in Vehicle Tracking sometimes produce unpredictable results. Here is a link to more information about the issue and the hotfix download: AutoCAD Map 2018 Hotfix 1.

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Approach Warnings

Confusing Entry/Exit prefix for some design check warnings on roundabouts were removed where the value being checked applied to both sides of the approach.

Deflection Min and Max Values

Fixed an issue where the deflection min and max values in the Properties dialog are not the values defined in the Standards dialog.

Dialog Box Resizing

Vehicle library, parking and junction explorers now have minimum sizes applied when resizing.

Drawing Unit Settings from Civil 3D

Drawing units settings are disabled when you have opted to get the values from the active Civil 3D drawing.

Get Units and Driving Side of the Road Settings

The option to get units and driving side of road from the drawing has been added to the start up dialog box and the Settings Wizard.

Grip Size and Tooltip Options

Removed confusing grip size and tooltip options from System Settings.

Lane Separator Road Markings

Lane separator road markings have been added to slip lanes.

Make Default Button

Removed the need to use the Make Default button when changing options that only take effect at start up.

Offset Road Markings

Fixed an issue that caused offset road markings to be offset on the wrong side on the exit side of approach roads.

Parking Tools Enhancement

Parking tools have improved messages when selecting an unsuitable entity (like a circle) to create a parallel row of bays from.


Stockdale Crown Line Elevations

Improved stockdale crown line elevations on the Civil 3D Corridor.

Vertical Analysis Path Warnings

On Vertical Analysis paths, the grounding warnings now display in design check.

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Advanced Vehicle Editor

Fixed an issue in the Advanced Vehicle Editor that caused the dialog box to close without saving the data when the Enter key was pressed in some entry fields.

Aircraft Rear Axles

Fixed an issue with evenly spaced rear axles that effected the following aircraft:

Aircraft Service Vehicle Outlines

Fixed an issue where aircraft service vehicle outlines where not displayed when enabling the report.

Crosswalk and Slip Lanes

Fixed an issue where crosswalks moved when diverting a lane onto the slip lane.

Driving Side of the Road

Fixed an issue where the driving side of the road sometimes changed when using Vehicle Tracking inside Civil 3D.

Elevation at Station 0

Fixed a minor change in elevation at station 0 on roundel alignment profiles.

Empty Design Check Warning

Fixed an issue that caused an empty design check warning when a roundabout was created on a surface.

Entry/Exit Fillet Radius Values

Fixed an issue where the entry and exit fillet radius values on standards were swapped after editing the roundabout standard.

Fly-by Camera Mode Warning

Fixed an issue where a warning message box regarding Fly-by Camera mode not being available when using driver eye view had an invalid window title.

Indian Design Vehicle

Removed the trailers on the Indian Design Vehicles: IRC1994 - SP41->Single Unit Truck (SU).

Overlapping Buttons

Fixed an issue of two overlapping buttons on the Report Wizards Graph details page.

Overlapping Icons

Fixed an issue where there were overlapping icons on the buttons at the bottom of the Auto Drive dialog box.

Parking Bay Dimensions

Fixed an issue when editing the parking bay dimensions table where it was not refreshing with the defaulted (or calculated) value when the cell was set to zero or cleared.

Parking Messages

For Parking, repeated messages informing you that the row cannot be constructed when creating parallel rows with curved bays were removed.

Parking Row Message

Fixed an issue where some parking rows caused the following message to display repeatedly and apparently randomly appear in the command line: "Parking meters can only be created if the parking row has a path."

Portuguese Language Selection

Fixed an issue where Portuguese Language is not automatically selected when running on a Portuguese copy of AutoCAD.


Rumble Strip and Speed Striping Grips

Fixed an issue where the location of some of the rumble strip and speed striping grips were in the wrong location when loading pre-2017 Vehicle Tracking drawings.

Setting Wizard Reference Document

Fixed an issue in the Settings wizard where the reference document for dynamic effects for vehicles traveling above 15kmh could not be changed.

Slip Lane Check Boxes

Fixed an issue in some languages where the overall check box text enabling slip lanes was truncated.

Spike on Roundabouts

Fixed an issue where roundabouts, under some conditions, displayed a spike on the outside curb on slip lanes near the closest point to the roundel.

Splitter Island Center Construction Line Not Displaying

Fixed an issue that caused the splitter island center construction line not to display on some roundabouts when Stockdale crown lines mode was disabled.

Swept Path Manual Drive Controller

Fixed an issue where the Swept Path Manual Drive controller was ignoring system settings defining where the controller was located on the screen.

Swept Paths System Settings

Fixed an issue where the Manual/Classic drive controller position setting in the System Settings for Swept Paths was not being saved.

Swept Path Vehicles

Fixed an issue where the Swept Path Vehicles, after editing a unit in the advanced editor, the unit was deselected in the list of units.

Tooltips in MicroStation

Fixed an issue where the tooltips in Vehicle Tracking toolbars in MicroStation were always displayed in English.

Vehicle Explorer Dialog Box Issue

Fixed an issue when editing a unit created in the Vehicle Explorer dialog box.

Vehicle Explorer Printing

Fixed an issue when in Vehicle Explorer, printing a vehicle library group caused the group to disable some explorer functions on the group and the group disappeared after exiting the Explorer, only reappearing the next time Autodesk Vehicle Tracking was started.

Vehicle Library Print

Fixed an issue where check boxes could not be changed in the Vehicle Library Print dialog box.

Vehicle Profile Report

Fixed an issue where the profile report was not showing the side view of a vehicle in either the vehicle diagram and when inserted in the drawing.

Vertical Bars in Dialog Boxes

Fixed an issue where vertical bars were being displayed in some dialog box text in Czech, Chinese, Japanese and other languages.

Warning Symbol Tooltips

Fixed an issue on warning symbol tooltips for out of range min or max values on roundabouts where truncated, causing the value and the standard value not to be displayed.

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