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July 16, 2018

Release Notes - Autodesk Alias 2019.1
Autodesk, Inc.

In a continuing effort to provide high quality products, this 2019.1 update for Autodesk® Alias includes new features and fixes or addresses a variety of issues.

History Metadata

We now capture history metadata for objects created with the following tools:

Metadata is not deleted when construction history is deleted.

If you select an object with metadata and construction history deleted, and start the tool that created it, you are prompted to load the tool options from the metadata.

Note: If construction history is not deleted, the regular Query Edit workflow is performed.

To display metadata

Cross Sections Editor improvements

Inter Continuity Check option added to tools

We added an Inter Continuity Check option to the following tools:

Select the option to check for continuity when running the tools on multiple edges, surfaces, or curves-on-surface. Continuity locators indicate whether they are continuous. Yellow locators indicate they are not.

Improved trim and history interaction

We improved the trim and history interaction so that history updates correctly when trimmed surfaces are involved.

Construction plane improvements

We made the following improvements to groups and construction planes:

Note: To make operations that create groups of objects create their group node at the construction plane origin, zero transform the object while in a construction plane.

Improved Curve to Curve Deviation locators

New option to control location of the current tool icon

We added a new Current Tool Location option to General Preferences to control the location of the current tool. The icon can be on the Left or Right side of the window and can also be turned Off.

Check Model tool improvements

New command line math calculations

We added the ability to perform simple math calculations while entering values during modeling operations. For example you could select the Sphere tool and enter coordinates for a new sphere as *1+4 10/2 1+2*2* to create a sphere at x=5, y=5, z=5.

Shelves remain visible when toggling the display of editor windows

Like the Palette, Shelves now remain visible when you toggle the display of editor windows.

Ability to pick curves by picking a CV or Hulls

You can now select a curve by picking one of the curve's CVs or hulls.

However, if you are picking the curve during the workflow of the following tools, you must pick the curve itself.

Curve Edit



Point Clouds

Smaller marking menu icons

We added a new option to the Marking Menu Options window to make the marking menu icons smaller. Select Menu Mode > Show Small Icons.

Object Lister enhancements

New flag icon lets you mark certain layers. The flagging is a variable in the Variant Lister.

Unify Normals enhancements

You can now adjust all Visual Normals to align with the Geometric Normals using the new When Geometric Normal Flips option in General Preferences > Modeling.

Offset improvement

We now display feedback when Offset creates surfaces with self-intersection.

Improved display of locators in Trim and Trim Convert tools

New Region Selector Length option displays trim locators based on pixel size rather than based on the size of the surfaces to be trimmed. This option replaces the Region Selector U Size and V Size options.

Improvements to msave crash recovery

We improved the crash recovery options. The message that appears when you crash now lists 5 stages maximum, or four stages plus the total number of stages, and includes the following options:

We also added the Save Wire on Stageset Save option to Preferences > General Preferences > System. The option sets the default value of the Wire Store column for new stages in the Stage Editor. When selected, the default value is to save the stage when the stage set is saved.

Alias VR enhancements

Performance improvements

We improved performance in Alias models containing animations with at least one expression. Improvements are seen with the Multi-Surface Fillet, Trim, Align, and Rebuild Surface tools.

Align tool enhancement

We added the ability to use manipulators to adjust CVs for G3 continuity.




Data Transfer


Data Management


Alias VR

Multi-Surface Draft

There was a change in the Multi-Surface Draft tool that affects how the output surfaces are grouped. This causes the downstream history to be removed if the draft was originally created in an older version.(ALS-4847)

Dynamo Integration

If the 3D preview in Dynamo does not work (the scene has a 2D grid and the Background 3D preview option is not available), try the following:(ALS-4186, ALS-4783, ALS-4198)

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