Autodesk ReCap Pro version / Autodesk ReCap Photo version - Release Notes

Thank you for downloading Autodesk® ReCap Pro version and Autodesk ReCap Photo version

This document contains the latest information regarding the installation and use of this FY21 release. It is strongly recommended that you read this entire document before you install this product. For reference, you should save this document to your hard drive or print a copy.

What is included in Autodesk ReCap Pro

New Features:

·         Added the ability to view RealView side by side with the overview map.

·         Added a Compass Widget for the overview map.

·         Added project UCS set and reset support through the new Compass Widget.

Fixed the following issues:

·         Fixed an issue in which indexing progress messaging was not working for unstructured scans.

·         Fixed an issue in which Decap --importWithLicense would not finish importing.

·         Fixed an issue in which origin updates could cause scan locations to disappear from overview map.

·         Improved the Overview map to regenerate correctly when opening RealView.

·         Improved stability when switching to RealView due to corrupted PNG file.

·         Fixed an issue in which Autocam was not set correctly for some projects.

·         Fixed an issue in which the Borrow button for network license did not show the calendar dialog.

·         Fixed an issue in which ReCap Photo could not launch from ReCap Pro.

·         Fixed an issue in which a prompt to install ReCap Photo occured even though ReCap Photo was already installed.

·         Corrected some links within the ReCap UI.

·         Corrected security vulnerabilities.


·         Improved performance when importing and indexing.

·         Improved the point cloud rendering effect.

·         Added support for scans produced by newer Faro scanners (firmware version 6.4 or higher).

·         Upgraded the Geospatial Coordinate Systems library from 14.06 to 14.07.


·         Moved the Undo / Redo button to main menu.

What is included in Autodesk ReCap Photo

Fixed the following issues:

·         Corrected the links to the sample files.

·         Corrected the how to purchase link.

·         Fixed an issue in which the login window was minimized when using an enterprise-sso.


·         Updated the FBX format to 2020.0.1.

·         Upgraded the Geospatial Coordinate Systems library from 14.06 to 14.07.

Learn more about ReCap Photo.

Installation instructions

You must have administrative privileges on your Microsoft® Windows® operating system to complete the installation process.

Installing Autodesk ReCap / Autodesk ReCap Pro on a single computer:

a. Via Autodesk management portal:

·         If you are a subscribed user, log onto your Autodesk account at

·         Look for ReCap Pro in the list of All Products & Services

·         Expand ReCap Pro and click on 'Downloads' for 2021.

·         Select the preferred download method and language and follow the on-screen instructions.

         - For single user installations, one may use 'Install Now', 'Download Now' or 'Browser download' methods.

         - For deployments, one must download using 'Download Now' or 'Browser download' method.

b. Via ReCap product download page:

·         Browse to ReCap's product download page:

·         Click on 'Download Free Trial' button and follow the on-screen instructions for the download

c. Using Autodesk Desktop App:

·         If you have Autodesk Desktop App installed on the machine, it would show ReCap Pro and its updates (if any) available for download.

·         Press the 'Install' button to install the latest ReCap version

Activation details for subscribers

·         Please use the serial number as mentioned in your subscription. These are also available in your management account at

·         Product key for ReCap Pro : 919M1

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